2024 Budget

Here are the key changes

Rules & Policies

These documents define the procedures and operating standards that the HOA will follow as a business entity, outlining what the organization can and cannot do.

  • > SRPK ByLaws
  • > Articles of Incorporation

These documents more directly affect residents.

  • > Election Rules
  • > SRPK Rules&Regulations
  • > CC&R Enforcement Policy.
  • > Architectural Rules.
  • > Delinquent Assessment Collection Policy.
  • > Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions – Will be updated in 2025
  • > Insurance
  • > Reserve Summary

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How not to contact us

  • > Do not leave anonymous correspondence, by any method. Always leave your name and address. We can not act upon or respond to any anonymous correspondence, unless it is a CC&R complaint that we can verify ourselves. All correspondence is kept confidential.
  • > Do not leave or mail correspondence in a Board or Committee member’s personal home mailboxes. Individuals may be out of town, thereby delaying the routing of your correspondence to the Association.